Cross-Cultural Training

Cross-cultural training Group Photo

For undergraduate students participating in the student exchange program there is a semester-long preparation course they can take before going abroad.This course focuses on preparing students to be successful contributors in an international research setting. During this course, which is taught by both science faculty and BYU’s Center for International Studies, students learn about cross-cultural relations specific for their area they will be going in addition to the natural history of Patagonia.


Some of the topics discussed in this course include:
  • Natural History of Patagonia
  • Communication and Language
  • Cultural values
  • Reciprocity

  • Outcomes Researching Outdoors

    This course helps students be more prepared for their cross-cultural research experience. Then, through the international research experience itself, wherestudents gain exposure to different cultures, languages, and ideas, students are better prepared for or a career in scientific research, a field that is becoming increasingly global through international collaboration.