Lic. Cecilia Carrera, M.S.

Universidad Nacional del Comahue
Taxonomic Focus: Fishes

Program: PhD in Biological Sciences
Advisor: Dr. Daniel Ruzzante

Address: 24 de Sept 155, 1er Piso 4. San Carlos de Bariloche (8400), Río Negro, Argentina
Phone: 54 (2944) 428505-103


I am interested in evolutionary biology of species.In my thesis project we are studying genetic and morphologic variation, and genetic flow on populations of a fish specie, Galaxias maculatus, along two important basins of Patagonia.

Academic Background:

  • BS (’05), Universidad Nacional del Comahue, Argentina, in Biological Sciences
  • PhD in Integrative Biology, Universidad Nacional del Comahue (’06–present)

  • Biography:

    I was born in 1978 in Capital Federal, Buenos Aires. I moved to Bariloche to enjoy its beautiful surroundings, mountains, forests and big lakes. In 2004, I spent eight months in Sweden, where I took courses on molecular genetics of eukaryotes and animal evolution at Lund University and worked on my undergraduate thesis using mitochondrial DNA to identify larvae of Galaxias at the Division of Evolutionary Molecular Systematics. I was supervised by Dr. Axel Janke. This experience was encouraging and motivated me to continue using molecular tools to study questions related to the evolution of species.