Dr. Brian Barber, PhD

Brigham Young UniversityDr. Brian Barber
Postdoctorate work in

Advisor: Dr. Jerald Johnson
Taxonomic Focus: Fishes, Crabs

Address: Department of Biology, Provo, UT 84602, USA
Phone: 1 (651) 491-2065
E-mail: brian_barber@byu.edu

Brigham Young University


My research focuses on systematics and comparative biogeography. I am trained has an ornithologist but have studied mammals, insects, anemones and fishes as well has birds.

Related Publications:

Barber, B. R., A. M. DeWitt, and P. B. Berendzen. Breakup of the ancient Teays River: a Plio-Pleistocene event led to the simultaneous diversification of the Central Highlands ichthyofauna. Submitted to Journal of Biogeography Barber, B. R. and J. Klicka. Two pulses of diversification across the Isthmus of Tehuantepec in a montane Mexican bird fauna. In press Proceeding of the Royal Society B Zink, R. M., J. Klicka, and B. R. Barber. 2004. Tempo of avian evolution in the Pleistocene. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. B. 359:215-220.

Academic Background:

  • BS, University of Kansas, in Systematics and Ecology
  • PhD, University of Minnesota, in Evolution
  • Postdoctoral Studies at the American Museum of Natural History

  • Biography:
    I was born and raised in Kansas City, Kansas and have been fascinated by the natural world since the moment a garter snake bit me when I was 8 years old. An 8th grade course in the scientific method further peaked my interest in science and nature. I am excited to work on the fishes and crabs of Chile and Argentina and the opportunity to collaborate with the many excellent scientists involved with the Patagonia PIRE project. When not working I can usually be found in the woods or desert hiking, bird watching, identifying wildflowers and butterflies, or riding my bike.


    Lab: http://johnsonlab.byu.edu/