Nicolás Frutos

Centro Nacional PatagónicoNicolas Frutos
Postdoctorate work in Biology

Advisor: Dr. Luciano Ávila
Taxonomic Focus: Lizards

Address: Boul. Alte. Brown s/n, U9120 ACV - Pto. Madryn (Chubut), Argentina
Phone: 54 (2965) 451024-235


Herpetology: spatial ecology, conservation, habitat use, and microhabitat.

Related Publications:

Frutos, N. & L. C. Belver. Home Range of Liolaemus koslowskyi Etheridge, 1993 (Iguania: Liolaemini) in northwestern La Rioja, Argentina. Revista Chilena de Historia Natural (in review).
Ávila LJ., N. Frutos, CHF. Pérez, M. Kozykariski & M. Morando. 2006. Reptilia, Iguania, Liolaemini, Liolaemus petrophilus and Liolaemus pictus: geographic distribution, filling gaps, new records. Checklist (in review).
N. Frutos, LA Camporro & LJ Ávila. 2006. Dominio Vital de Liolaemus melanops (Squamata: Liolaemini) BURMEISTER (1888) en el centro de Chubut, Patagonia, Argentina. Gayana (in review).
N. Frutos, M. Kozykariski & L. Ávila, 2006. Natural History Note. Liolaemus petrophilus (Stone-loving Lizard). SCOLIOSIS. Herpetological Review (in press).
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Ávila L. J., N. Frutos, M. Morando, CHF. Pérez & DR. Pérez. 2006. New records for Liolaemus inacayali ABDALA, 2003 in western Rio Negro province, Patagonia, Argentina. Herpetozoa (in press).
Avila, L. J., C. H. Perez, M. Morando & N. Frutos, 2002. New records for Liolaemus grosseorum Etheridge, 2001 (Reptilia: Squamata: Liolaemidae) form Northwestern Patagonia. Bulletin Chicago Herpetological Society 37(6): 100-101.

Academic Background:

  • BS (’01), School of Humanities and Sciences, National University of Litoral in Biodiversity
  • Teaching Certificate (’02), School of Humanities and Sciences, National University of Litoral in Biology
  • MS Candidate (’02–’04) in Wildlife Management, Centro de Zoología Aplicada – Cordoba National University
  • PhD in Integrative Biology, Cordoba National University (’05–present)

  • Biography:

    Born in Santa Fe, Argentina in 1974. High School Escuela Industrial Superior (Electric-Mechanic Technical). In 1996 I started to work with caimans (Caiman latirostris) at the Proyecto Yacaré (MAGIC-MUPCN) until october 2003. Currently working on a Masters thesis entitled “Base-Line of population density of Pampa de Achala Copper Lizard (Pristidactylus achalensis) in Quebrada del Condorito National Park (Córdoba, Argentina) and its surrounding areas”, and a Doctorate thesis entitled “Evolutionary history of ecologic and ethologic characters in Liolaemus: examining the effects of the phylogeny and other factors in space use in a saurian clade”.