Iván M. Vera Escalona

Universidad de Concepción Ivan M. Vera Escalona
Major: Biological Sciences
Advisor: Dr. Pedro Victoriano
Taxonomic Focus: Fishes, Frogs

Address: Casilla 160-C, Concepción, Chile
Phone: 56 (41) 2941469
E-mail: ivvera@udec.cl


Comparative phylogeography of vertebrates from Patagonian Chile.Universidad de Concepción

Academic Background:

Student of Biology, University of Concepción, Chile (’01–present).


I was born on 1983, in Talcahuano, Chile where I went to elementary and middle school in the School Villa Independencia. My high school studies were in the city of Concepción at Liceo Enrique Molina Garmendia. In 2001, I began my studies in the Unversity of Concepción, where I am currently working on my thesis on comparative phylogeography of frogs and freshwater fishes from Southern Chilean Patagonia.