Phylogeography and Population Genetics Workshop

Title: “Introduction to Phylogeography: Theoretical and Practical Aspects”
Organizers: Mariana Morando, Arley Camargo, Daniel Ruzzante, Guillermo Ortí, Jack W. Sites, Jr. and Alicia Sérsic
Dates: 18–22 August 2009
Location: Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Cordoba, Argentina


This workshop was designed for faculty and graduate students to develop practical and analytical skills in phylogeography. The workshop was divided into a series of lectures with time also devoted to application of topics through hands-on, computing activities. Over 40 hrs of material, including lecture & lab, was presented and discussed.

Topics Covered

  1. Population Structuring
  2. Statistical Descriptions
  3. Estimating Species Boundaries
  4. Coalescence
  5. Nested Clade Analyses
  6. Comparative Phylogeography
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