Dr. Alicia N. Sérsic, PhD

Universidad Nacional de CórdobaDr. Alicia N. Sérsic
Taxonomic Focus: Plants

Address: CC 495, 5000, Córdoba, Argentina
Phone: 54 (351) 4331096-2
E-mail: asersic@com.uncor.edu


Pollination biology; flower evolution; systematic, biodiversity, conservation and morphology of Angiosperms.

Academic Background

  • BS (’78–’83) in Biological Sciences (graduated with honors), Universidad de Córdoba
  • PhD (’89–’94) in Biological Sciences (graduated with honors), Universidad de Córdoba
  • Member of the Research Council Argentina (Investigador Adjunto-CONICET) at Instituto de Multidisciplinario de Biología Vegetal, Argentina (’99–present)
  • Professor of Plant Systematic at the University of Córdoba, Argentina (´82–present)


Born in 1960, Buenos Aires city, Argentina. Dr. Sérsic studied plant/pollinators interactions since 1988, especially those related to unusual floral rewards, such as flower oils offered to special kind of bees. She made her dissertation work on the pollination biology of 48 native species of Calceolaria of Argentina and Chile. She obtained a DAAD fellowship at the University of Mainz in 1991, and now is staff researcher of the Research Council (CONICET). She is Advisor and co-advisor of five Doctoral students and six undergraduate students. She has been involved in more than 30 research projects since 1984. She has extensive field experience in various countries, including Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Venezuela and South Africa. Since 1987 she made a total of 10 intense research field trips to Patagonia during which she accumulated not only experience, but also lot of information about the diversity of the local flora. She collaborates with Dr. Andrea Cocucci who is also a specialist in Pollination Biology. Together they lead a group of 10 students who are making their research in different topics of Pollination Ecology and Plant Evolution.


Lab: http://www.efn.uncor.edu/departamentos/divbioeco/otras/bioflor
Personal: Curriculum Vitae