Dr. Evelyn M. Habit, PhD

Universidad de ConcepciónDr. Evelyn M. Habit
Taxonomic Focus: Fishes

Address: Environmental Science EULA Center, Universidad de Concepción
Phone: 56 (41) 204064
E-mail: ehabit@udec.cl


My interests are in the ecology and conservation of freshwater fishes with an emphasis on the role of environmental characteristics in shaping fish distributions and community structure. My research has focused on factors affecting population and community structure of freshwater fish, especially the role of river alterations, such hydropower plants, industrial and domestic effluents and irrigation canals.

My basic research goal is to understand native fish biology, life histories and biogeographical patterns, and to apply this knowledge to scientific issues and societal concerns of conservation that allow managers to prioritize their actions and evaluate alternatives. This is especially important as declines in Chilean native fishes are becoming an increasing reality.

Related Publications

Habit, E. M. Belk, C. Tuckfield & O. Parra. 2006. Response of the fish community to human-induced changes in of the Biobío River in Chile. Freshwater Biology, 51:1-11.

Habit, E. M. Belk & O. Parra. 2006. Response of the riverine fish community to the construction and operation of a diversion hydropower plant in central Chile. Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems. DOI: 10.1002/aqc.774

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Academic Background

  • BA (’89) Universidad de Concepción, Chile
  • PhD (’98) Environmental Science, Universidad de Concepción, Chile
  • PostDoc ('95) Brigham Young University, Utah, USA
  • Assistant Professor and Coordinator Aquatic System Unite Environmental Science Center Eula—Chile, Universidad de Concepción (’04–present)


Born in 1965 in La Unión, South Chile. High School Class of 1982 (Deutsche Schule R. A. Philippi, La Unión). Married with two children, Rodrigo and Laura. Researcher of the CIEP project (Patagonian Ecosystem Research Center) a new research centre located in the Chilean Patagonia, Aysén Region. Postdoctoral Fellow at the Brigham Young University (“Beca Presidente de la República”, ’04–’05) working with Dr. Mark Belk in ecology and conservation of freshwater fish.


Other: http://www.eula.cl/
Lab: http://bio.slu.edu/mayden/lamprey/index.html