Dr. José J. Nuñez Navarro

Universidad Austral de ChileDr. José J. Nuñez Navarro
Taxonomic Focus: Frogs

Address: Instituto de Zoología, Universidad Austral de Chile
Phone: 56 (63) 221315
E-mail: jjnunez@uach.cl


Herpetology, Molecular Systematics and Phylogeography. Biology of Amphibian Anurans.

Academic Background

  • BS (’96) in Biochemistry, Universidad Austral de Chile
  • PhD (’04) in Zoology, Universidad Austral de Chile
  • Professor of Zoology, Comparative Anatomy, Molecular Evolution and Systematics, Integrative Biology (’04–present), Universidad Austral de Chile, Valdivia, Chile


Born 1967, Frutillar, Chile. Secondary studies in Liceo Antonio Varas, L. Ranco (1986). Collaborator in Taxonomy and Systematics of Chilean frogs (1996–1998). Specialist in amphibians (Chile) for Global Amphibian Assessment, GAA-IUCN (2004). Principal Researcher in Genetics and Evolution of Chilean Calyptraeid Gastropods, DID-UACh (2005–2006). Co-Investigator in Detection of High Biodiversity Centers in temperate Nothofagus forests using Lapageria rosea and Gevuina avellana as model species with agronomic potential, Fondecyt Chile (2006–2008). Co-Investigator in BaseLine Studies for Biodiversity in XI Region, Chile (Endesa, 2006).


Personal: University Profile at http://secure.uach.cl/direcademcios