Dr. Eldredge BerminghamDr. Eldredge Bermingham, PhD

Address: Apartado Postal 0843-03092 Balboa, Ancon, Rep. of Panama
Phone: 1 (507) 212-8110
E-mail: bermingb@si.edu

Academic Background:

  • BA (’77) Cornell University
  • PhD (’86), University of Georgia;
  • Deputy Director and Senior Staff Scientist, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (’89–Present)


At the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama, Dr. Bermingham studies molecular population genetics and evolutionary biology. He oversees his own laboratory and the research efforts of more than 40 international staff and 800 visiting scientists in locations throughout the tropics. In addition, he actively promotes public outreach in Panama and abroad. Bermingham and his colleagues have published more than 100 scientific articles, and in 2005 he and his co-editors published the book Tropical Rainforests: Past, Present and Future.

Related Publications:

Smith, S. and E. Bermingham. 2005. The biogeography of lower Mesoamerican freshwater fishes. Journal of Biogeography 32:1835-1854.

Quenouille, B., E. Bermingham, and S. Planes. 2004. Molecular systematics of the damselfishes (Teleostei: Pomacentridae): Bayesian phylogenetic analyses of mitochondrial and nuclear DNA sequences. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 31:66-88.

Davies, N. and E. Bermingham. 2002. The historical biogeography of two Caribbean butterflies (Lepidoptera: Heliconiidae) as inferred from genetic variation at multiple loci. Evolution 56:573-589.

McCafferty, S., E. Bermingham, B. Quenouille, S. Planes, G. Hoelzer, and K. Asoh. 2002. Historical biogeography and molecular systematics of the Indo-Pacific genus Dascyllus (Teleostei:Pomacentridae). Molecular Ecology 11:1377-1392.

Perdices, A., E. Bermingham, A. Montilla, and I. Doadrio. 2002. Evolutionary history of the genus Rhamdia (Teleostei: Pimelodidae) in Central America. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 25:172-189.


Personal: http://www.stri.org/english/scientific_staff/staff_scientist/scientist.php?id=2
Lab: http://striweb.si.edu/bermingham/