January 2007 Lizards Expedition


Dr. Luciano Avila, Centro Nacional Patagónico
Dr. Jack Sites, Brigham Young University
Cristian Perez, Centro Nacional Patagónico (graduage student in herpetology)
Cristian Zanotti, Instituto de Botánica Darwinion (graduate student in botany)


Argentinian provinces of Santa Cruz (primarily) and Chubut


 January 4th to 22nd

Work Done

Forty localities were sampled for lizards and plants throughout this region, and about 325 lizards were collected. This total included the gecko (Homonota darwinii), two species of Diplolaemus (D. bibronii and D. darwini), and ~14 species of Liolaemus (not all lizards of these could be confidently assigned to species). Most of the Liolaemus species collected represent the very poorly known “L. kingii group”, and several of these were collected from type localities. A highlight of the trip was the collection of five of six species of lizards for which Puerto Deseado is the type locality; type specimens and paratypes of all of these species were collected by Darwin on the voyage of H.M.S. Beagle.


Catching Lizards Condor Cristian Perez Cristian Zanotti
Mount Fitzroy Fox in Andean Foothills Perito Moreno Glacier Perito Moreno Glacier
Perito Moreno Glacier Guanaco Guanacos fighting Liolaemus
Liolaemus Lizards Samples Dr. Luciano Avila, Cristian Perez, Cristian Zanotti Dr. Luciano Avila, Cristian Perez, Cristian Zanotti
Dr. Luciano Avila Dr. Luciano Avila Magellanic Penguins