Annual Meetings

Year 1 – Concepción, Chile

Dates: January 15–21, 2006
Agenda: Year1Agenda.pdf

During the first Annual Meeting, spanning five days, principal investigators, senior personnel scientists, and advisors gathered to discuss the project's goals, timescale, budget, and other important considerations. Presentations on Patagonian history to aid investigators in their understanding of the region were given by several participants. Scientists focused on different taxonomic groups gave reports on the work being done with their taxa. The team focused on planning research for the upcoming year and budget needs. The team also divided Patagonia into different geographic regions to facilitate phylogeographic analyses in the project. Maps of the divided regions, both terrestrial and geographical, can be found in the Research Area Maps section. We discussed standardizing collection efforts and sharing data between members of the research team. The group also divided into committees to coordinate field logistics, research design & analysis, meetings & workshops, education, faculty development, and communication. The meeting ended with advice from the project's two independent advisors, Dr. Chris Simon and Dr. Biff Bermingham. This meeting was hosted by Dr. Evelyn Habit.

Year 2 – Provo, Utah, USA

Dates: June 12–14, 2006
Agenda: Year2Agenda.pdf

The second annual meeting, held at BYU, lasted three days. It consisted of reports of field work and publications completed since the first meeting, budget updates and discussion of further funding opportunities, undergraduate and graduate-level student exchanges, educational objectives and professional development, research programming, publishing, and workshops. Some members of the botany team were not able to secure visas in time to travel to BYU. Consequently, a follow up meeting with just the botany group was held in Chile. Leigh Johnson brought information from the June meeting to this smaller group of botanists, and plans for plant sampling were finalized at this follow-up meeting.

Year 2 Workshop
Following the annual meeting, PIRE supported a geometric morphometrics workshop taught by Professor Mark Belk of BYU. It was attended by most PIRE scientists and several postdocs and students.

Year 3 – Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Date: August 21–24, 2007
Agenda: Year3Agenda.pdf

The third annual meeting was held in Puerto Madryn, Argentina at the CENPAT facility. The meeting followed the structure of earlier meetings in terms of reporting and planning. However, several non-PIRE scientists from Argentina were invited to give lectures on a variety of research topics related to Patagonian biodiversity. Following this meeting several PIRE scientists stayed in Puerto Madryn to watch whales in the adjacent to the city. This meeting was hosted by Dr. Mariana Morando.

Year 4 – Durham, North Carolina, USA

Date: June 18–19, 2008
Agenda: Year4Agenda.pdf

The fourth annual meeting was held at at the National Evolutionary Synthesis Center (NESCent) in Durham, North Carolina, USA and lasted three days. During the first two days NESCent participants with expertise in Patagonian geology and comparative phylogeography joined PIRE researchers to discuss several topics to enhance the Patagonia PIRE research objectives. During the final day PIRE researchers reported on progress and planned for Year 4 activities. This was a productive meeting that resulted in several opportunities for future collaboration and a variety of research plans including a joint geology meeting in Argentina with PIRE scientist Daniel Ruzzante and a group geologists, a review article on comparative phylogeography, and the recruitment of two new PIRE post-docs in 2009 to work on data synthesis and to begin working on initial rounds of comparative phylogeography analyses.

Year 5 – Córdoba, Argentina

Date: August 17–18, 2009
Agenda: Year5Agenda.pdf

The fifth annual meeting was held at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina. During this two-day meeting, the PIRE team focused largely on planning comparative phylogeographic analyses and the resulting papers. The team reports that 25 publications citing PIRE support have been generated to date, with eight additional manuscripts in press and three manuscripts currently in review. The meeting also included plans to generate a geological overview of the Patagonia discussed the possibility of bringing together our PIRE team with government officials in Argentina and Chile as well as non-government organizations interested in conservation in Patagonia. This meeting was hosted by Dr. Alicia Sersic.

Year 5 Workshop
Following the fifth annual meeting from 18–22 August, 2009 at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, researchers and students alike gathered for five days for an NSF-PIRE sponsored workshop entitled: “Introduction to Phylogeography: Theoretical and Practical Aspects.” It presented 40 hours of material, including lecture and lab, covering topics on population structuring, statistical descriptions, estimate species boundaries, coalescence, nested clade analyses, and comparative phylogeography.

Final PIRE meeting on "patagonia conservation" - Bariloche, Argentina

Date: 26-28 September 2012
Our final PIRE meeting will be held in conjunction with the 2012 Patagonia Conservation Meeting co-sponsored by our NSF PIRE and CONICET of Argentina.  The purpose of the meeting is to translate scientific discoveries into useful information for management and conservation purposes.  The meeting will be held in Bariloche, Argentina and will involve scientists, NGO representatives, and local and regional policy makers in Patagonia.  If you are interested in attending, please contact a member of the meeting organizing committee (Victor Cussac, Mariana Morando, Evelyn Habit, and Jerry Johnson - contact information found on the PIRE investigator web page).  The web page for this meeting can be found here